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Spring on Aurelias

Aurelias Easter Egg Hunt

Dearest Readers,

Spring has truly spun on Aurelias! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and I have never seen a sky so blue in all of Second Life! Aurelias truly is a place for seasons.

Spring means new life, new beginnings, and a chance to experience new things. So what better way to celebrate than with an Easter Egg Hunt? And, my dearest readers, this is just what our friends at Aurelias have decided to do.

This author has been reliably informed that the Aurelias Easter Egg Hunt will be the highlight of the social season. Wear your best frock, wear your most spectacular chapeau, and come and join the fun.

Along with the hunt, there will also be a Spring Market, featuring the glorious wares of our participating hunt designers. The Hunt and Spring Market will be held from the 10th of April through the 20th â€” and my gentle readers, you will not be disappointed.

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Yours Truly,
Lady Whistledown

Guest Blogger, Elle Couerblanc

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