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Gogo & Sparkle

Goodbye Aurelias

Hi Aurelias friends, It’s with a heavy heart that we’re announcing the closure of Aurelias – the region will go offline tomorrow. We’re so thankful to everyone that visited and enjoyed our small town. We hope to see you again in the future on another project! Love,Gogo & Sparkle

Autumn on Aurelias

Experience the splendor of autumn at Aurelias! The town square is shrouded in a creepy fog that occasionally lifts to reveal seasonal decorations for the fall season. Enjoy the fall foliage as you stroll along the shoreline or visit cherished landmark sites around town. Visit Aurelias

Aurelias Rainy Cafe

Aurelias Rainy Cafe

Relax and enjoy the rain at the Aurelias Rainy Cafe. This cafe seamlessly blends the indoor and outdoor environments, allowing you to enjoy both the ambiance of the falling rain and the cozy interior. Grab a cup of coffee or curl up with a book.