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Regions Rentals

Thank you for considering Aurelias for your region rental and land services. We are a boutique land company with a passion for delivering exceptional and customized services to Second Life residents. If you would like to live in the space of your dreams, let our team help you make that a reality.

We deliver regions on-demand. Our specialty is customized homestead and full regions. Please contact us for options not listed below.

Custom Homestead Region
$38,000 Lindens
One-time Setup Fee

What’s Included
A Homestead Region (info)
5000 prims
Free First Month Tier
Custom Region Name

Monthly Tier
$28,000 Lindens

Please use the Region Order Form below to place your order. We will contact you in Second Life to accept payment and finalize delivery details.

Select a region name that is not currently in use!
All regions are parked as a standalone. Leave this field blank unless you have a specific grid coordinate in mind.

Tier Payment
Tier is due on the same day each month. You will receive tier reminders via our rental system. We reserve the right to reclaim your region if tier payment is late.

Region Control
We will add you and others as Estate Manager (Estate Manager Roles & Abilities) upon request.

You have full control of your terraforming. Once you’re happy with the terraforming, we will bake it for you upon request. Baking the terrain saves it so that you can revert changes.

Can I use a custom raw terrain file?
Yes! If you have a raw terrain file to upload, we can upload it to the region for you. Would you like a custom terrain? Let our creative team bring your vision to life.

Is my region private?
All regions are stand-alone, so there is complete privacy.

There is none. We ask that you follow Linden Lab Terms of Service, but your land is 100% yours to do as you wish.

My region is offline!
From time to time, the grid has unforeseen outages due to scheduled maintenance or grid-wide restarts. There’s nothing we can do about this, nor will we offer compensation. Please let us know if your region is offline, and we will contact Linden Lab on your behalf.

Will you landscape my region?
Yes! We offer land services ranging from landscaping to full region designs. Let us help you from start to finish, and deliver the space of your dreams.